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Stovax Elise 680 on live display in the Showroom!

Lit stove in the showroom!

Now that the new decade has been seen in, why don’t you make a difference this year, not only to the environment but to your Wood Expenses! With the Stovax Elise 680 wood burning cassette, you can have unprecedented efficiency while retaining amazing heat output!

With a large window for an expansive view of the lively flames, Stovax’s wood burning and multi-fuel Freestanding Elise 680 stoves are a stylish centrepiece for any interior. These powerful stoves offer 7kW of heat output and an impressive 79% efficiency, as well as being Ecodesign compliant, thanks to the range’s signature combustion technology. When burning wood, these stoves offer a green heating choice for those households attempting to minimise their carbon footprint.

Available in both Glass and Steel these stoves make for an eye catching focal point and can be hearth mounted or styled with a matching steel plinth or range of compatible Stovax stove benches for added style.

A lot of customers have purchased Stovax Elise stoves from us over the years, and every single one of them were incredibly satisfied, not only from the Stove itself but from the Customer Service that is second to none! A lot of the designs can be seen on our website or on the Facebook link below, we post regular updates on what is going on as well as some of the designs that you can have within your home too! When choosing your next fire, whether it would be a Stove, inset or designer fire, choose Energy Innovation to make your dream come true, the original designer fireplace showroom in Yorkshire.

Come join us at Energy Innovation where we have our very own Stovax Elise Lit!

Stovax Elise 680 is a gorgeous Woodburning cassette that doesn’t break the bank! High levels of efficiency mean the fire…

Posted by Energy Innovation on Saturday, 18 January 2020