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6 reasons to buy a fireplace this summer

It probably isn’t the first thing most people would think of once the warmer weather appears, but the summer months can be a great time to invest in a fireplace.

Here are a few reasons why you should be looking to buy your dream fireplace while the temperature outside is rising.

  1. Time – Buying a fireplace in the summer allows you time to find the perfect options for your home, rather than rushing through important decisions to have a fireplace fitted in time for the winter months.
  2. Sales – Many brands hold summer sales and promotions, so we can help you find an amazing deal to suit your budget.
  3. Installation – Fitting and installing a new fireplace can take longer than you might expect, and many parts of the process can be sped up during the summer. Plaster can dry quicker when its warmer, with windows open, and longer summer days make it easier to redecorate, if necessary, after your fire has been fitted.
  4. Convenience – It can be more convenient to have a fireplace fitted during the summer. Your central heating will already be turned off, so there won’t be any disruption to your lovely, warm home, and with workmen having to nip in and out you won’t be as bothered with doors being left open.
  5. Preparation – You’ll be prepared for the winter! You’ll be able to avoid the rush to get a fireplace installed once the cold weather appears and when everyone else has suddenly realised they also want a fireplace in time for winter.
  6. Design – Fireplaces aren’t just for winter. Try dressing and styling your new fireplace in a summer theme and it can become a beautiful focal point to any room all year round.

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